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The Empty Tomb

The children discover how the Easter season is filled with hope and joy as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

Supplies needed:


1) Assemble your children on Easter (Resurrection) morning.

2) Ask them why they think today we celebrate Easter Sunday. Brainstorm about why it might be called “Easter.” Why was there an empty tomb? How do they think Jesus’ followers felt when they heard that Jesus was not in the tomb?

3) Read Matthew 26:17-28, Mark 14:12-16, Luke 22:7-24, and John 18-20.

Talk about what happened after Jesus was put inside the tomb? Who appeared to the two women and what did he say to them. How did they react?

4) Pass out one printable to each child. Tell the children that you are going to make a small clock. That they will have to cut the squares and match them up in the proper place.

5)Have the children color the printable devotional sheet, they can use colors, markers or color pencils.

6) At the end of the activity, gather and talk about the thoughts and feelings they(the kids) may have had during the day. Pray together, using this prayer as a guide:

“Thank you, God, for sending Jesus. And thank you, Jesus, for obeying your Father. Your love for Him is what let you allow others to nail you to a cross – and your love for me is what kept you there. Help me to obey and love like you. Amen.”

As you finish, tell the kids that Jesus told us that He will be coming back one day. We do not know when Jesus is going to come back, but it will be a wonderful time!

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